Personal history is labor intensive.

I charge by the hour, roughly following the rate guidelines of the Editorial Freelancers Association

I contract with professional transcribers, whose rates range from $1.25 to $4 or more per audio minute based on the number of people at the interview and the clarity of both voices and content.


  • Digital audio file
  • Digital audio file with transcript by a professional transcriber


  • Digital audio file with transcript and an edited transcript


  • Digital audio file, transcript, and story shaped and presented in a Word document
  • Digital audio file, transcript, and story shaped and presented in a Word document that incorporates letters, photos, documents, and/or historical research


  • Book, laid out in house and printed by a bindery in hardcover or paperback, single or multiple copies
  • WordPress website
  • PowerPoint slideshow


  • Legacy letter or ethical will (examples)
  • Research
  • Biographical sketches (award ceremonies, business histories, obituaries, etc.)
  • Help locating photo restorers, videographers, and preservation resources
  • Donation to historical archives 

(Sarasota County Historical Resources will accept copies of interviews with local residents.)

Most projects develop from an in-person interview, or series of interviews.


                            No personal history is the same.

                            Whether you are interested in family, community, or corporate history, we always begin with conversation. Call me. After we talk, if it seems I'm a good match for your project, I will come meet you (the person commissioning the history) and, if possible, the person to be interviewed. In this initial (free) half-hour consultation, we will discuss the parameters of the project--goals, topics, budget, travel, etc.--before drawing up an agreement.